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Kylie Jenner challenge goes wrong, but this time it's a baby

A mother was criticized by social media people who said she let her kid play the  Kylie Jenner lip challenge after a millipede bite swelled his lips.

Christin Blankenship was on the telephone last Friday to her friend Jake Wheeler when one-year-old Lucas yelled.

Lucas and Jake, 24, had been playing in the family's yard in Gardendale, Alabama, US, when the tot picked up the mini-beast and put it in his mouth,He uncontrollably began to cry suddenly.

After being found in Lucas ' mouth, the creepy-crawly had created a' venom-like' substance that would generally irritate the skin of an average person only mildly.

Nonetheless, his parents did not know that Lucas had an allergy to the bugs and after Ten minutes his mouth was swelling rapidly.

Panicked Christin, 21, rapidly bundled Lucas into the car, and the couple rushed him to the hospital, giving him two epicshots of morphine and Benadryl.

And once the drama was almost over, Christin posted on the experience online only to target cruel trolls.

She said, "Nearly the entire experience was frightening. I had been so afraid that something was gon na happen to my child." He was yelling all the way to the hospital, screaming as we got into the room and all the way up to when he got the morphine, and then he went silent.

"Once we got to the hospital, he cried for the first three hours we were there.

"He just yelled like somebody just murdered his closest friend. It was a very piercing scream." 

He looked like a dog that had eaten a bumblebee. They all kept calling him Kylie Jenner.

"All I wanted to do was take the pain away, and nothing I did helped." 

Christin said that after an afternoon of playing with Lucas and delivery driver Jake, when she called to let them know she was on her way home.

After hearing her son's terrible cries, she ran back in ten minutes to discover his horribly swollen mouth.

Lucas ' response was so unusual for the doctors that the hospital had only read about it in books, but they were eventually able to calm him down after three hours.

The following day, Lucas remained under supervision, as his throat and tongue also remained swollen, having left him unable to eat or drink.

Christin said, "The next morning it was rough. He could not even drink or eat anything. He was in there for a day and a half."

He really wanted something to drink because his mouth was super dry. So every time I gave him a drink, he'd get really upset because he couldn't put it in his lips because it hurt.

"Normally, I'm going to come to the house and he's going to cry, then when I pick him up he's going to be fine. That's how I knew something was wrong."

Now the family-of-three are back home, Christin hopes that sharing her story will stop other children from going through the same ordeal as Lucas.

Christin said, "It was the hardest part to see my little boy having this reaction and in pain." The first instinct of a baby is to put something in his mouth, and Lucas is so quick.

"I know some parents can't watch their kids with 40 sets of eyes, and I know how fast they are, but they have to watch them around bugs."

So many children eat and play bugs, but they still don't perform allergy tests on bugs, so you don't know what you're allergic to.

The swelling in his lips and tongue has now gone down, but the doctor said that his throat is still a little swollen and jagged. It's supposed to be over in a couple weeks.

"They would not be able to tell you if you were allergic to a millipede until something like Lucas had just gone through.

"He's not back to his normal self— he's a little scared and shy. He doesn't want things in his mouth, and he doesn't want to eat or drink, either because it hurts." He's definitely shaken. It's a lot of love and cuddling until he's back to himself.