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Finally, after being saved, he finds love. Thank you to everyone who helped to make this happen.

Sadly all animals on this planet don't have a great opportunity to have a warm bed, a tasty dinner, and a caring family. Many poor pooches wander the streets without end in search of slices to eat, barely attached to life. Fortunate people are at least able to look after them and house them in shelters. And while shelters are often used to find homes for the resident doggy, often small, sweet puppies or cute pooches with striking features are used.

However, they all deserve a chance in their life, given what a dog might look like. In particular, those who in life were not preferred. Some of these doggies is Phoenis, a rescue dog from Oklahoma with a very distinct face.

According to Skiatook Paws & Claws Animal shelter, this doggie has been found walking the streets of Collinsville looking for food for some time until rescue workers found it. It seems that Phoenis was once in somebody's care, but the poor animal failed and abandoned him.

The dog was rescued from the streets and animal treatment was taken care of by the Family – Owasso, OK. The company immediately received an update on the state of the pooch: "We are researching all potential causes of Phoenis state and are conducting laboratory research to determine the causes of his skin disease. He is always bathed and has medicines to enhance his skin's safety and comfort, "they said.

Though at first, the veterinarians were unsure if Phe was caused by maltreatment or disease

While Phoenis seems to have been through some horrible abuse, the veterinarians treating him are not too quick to draw such conclusions: "We have been provided with evidence from the previous Good Samaritan, who has photos of the progression of Phoenis facial deterioration. It is possible that there may be a medical condition that causes his disfigurement. It is important that we do not automatically assume that there are malicious acts. Animals without homes and proper care, without shelter, food and water are faced with so many obstacles, especially if they have an underlying medical problem, "said the professionals.

They found it was an autoimmune condition after a variety of studies

The latest update on Phoenis journey was published just four days ago: "Phoenis had the privilege of traveling to Kansas, where he met two fantastic Specialty Veterinarians, Dr. Karen Trainor and Dr. David Senter. These incredibly unique veterinarians specialize solely in skin diseases.
The journey Phoenis made to Kansas finally started when we first rescued him. Back in December, in an attempt to solve Phe's skin secret, his vets here in Owasso at the FAM took biopsies of his diseased skin and sent them to Dr. Trainor. Dr. Trainer is a veterinary pathologist who focuses on skin diseases. Oh, man, what a great mind. What Dr. Trainer basically does is look at Phe's skin biopsy at the microscopic level and tell everyone how his skin behaves.
Then, Phe's adventure took him to Overland Park, Kansas, at the Canine Allergy and Dermatology clinic. There he met a veterinary dermatologist, Dr. David Senter. He's also concentrating his veterinary expertise on skin disease patients.
With both the experience of Dr. Trainor and Dr. Senter and the research performed by veterinarians of Family Animal Medicine, Phe is improving daily. He is gaining weight. His skin is curative. He's running and barking. He's chasing hoops and playing tug-o-war.
He will always be with a fake, sharky smile. The muscles on his head are never going back. UV light/sunshine triggers flare-up in his skin, so sunscreen and sunblock are a must. But don't worry, the Spirit of Phoenis is Powerful!
A rare autoimmune disease, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), is present in Phoenis. No particular tests are required to define SLE. This is a disease that is diagnosed after the exclusion of all other diseases. Since it is an autoimmune condition, it affects its own body itself, making recovery complicated and unpleasant at times. So thank you so much for all the vets (also here in Owasso and Kansas) we have handled his illness now.
Many thanks for your motivation and assistance. Without you, He would never have made his brave journey.

Phoenis is now being treated, receives much needed medical attention and appears to be doing fantastically. Skiatook Paws & Claws Animal Rescue publishes adorable pooch tips, photographs, and videos of its excellent rehabilitation.

If Phoenis is ready, Skiatook Paws and Claws Animal Rescue will be taken care of. In the meantime, you can use the Instagram page for regular updates of Phoenis life and state or by clicking here to donate funds for his treatment.