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Sometimes animals may save us from death!

Sometimes animals may save us from death!
Our dogs have such a strong intuition of what is and are not safe for us to do. Sometimes it really feels like they have the sixth sense to see in the future, either that or there's a lot of coincidences where they're saving our lives' accidentally.' One such scenario happened in Taiwan, where a Golden Retriever named Kimi destroyed his owner's passport the day before her trip to Wuhan, now most likely, the doggo was just starving or tired, but with the current situation in China, it's easy to see how this small gesture of mischief might have protected its owner, Scroll down for an interview with the owner of Bored Panda.

If the town of Wuhan looks familiar, it is because you heard of it, didn't stop in the news lately, it is the epicenter of coronavirus, a disease that rages through China that has spread to a number of countries around the world, and the global health community is very concerned about it.

Kimi's owner posted pictures of her bitten passport on Twitter. The Golden Retriever looks very guilty in the pictures! At first, the owner was mad at what had happened. But that was before the virus spread as much as it did.

"You y'all remember the passport, huh? Throwback: this kid really does protect me. After my passport was torn apart, the virus started to go where I had originally planned to go. I'm thinking about it right now, and it's very touching. Luckily, you blocked our tour, "the woman later wrote on Twitter, recognizing that things have turned out to be the best.

Bored Panda talked to the dog's owner about what had happened. She said she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw what had happened. "I was really angry when I first saw my passport torn." "But then, a few hours later, I saw the news of the coronavirus spreading in Wuhan," she said. "I was looking back to the day my passport was ripped."

The owner of the Golden Retriever said that because her passport had been torn, she had been "safely reunited" with her family for the New Year because she managed to avoid the outbreak of the virus.

"I hope people all over the world can survive this virus crisis," she said to Bored Panda. "And now we've got to wear masks and wash more and disinfect our hands when we're out."

The coronavirus has infected more than 3,000 people in China and is difficult to contain because it is infectious during its incubation period (i.e. between 1 and 14 days before symptoms appear). The virus has took the lives of 56 people so far. Security protocols are in place: there are strict travel restrictions in place and Wuhan is deactivated.

Moreover, the Cbc writes that every sale of wildlife in China is to be prohibited from Sunday. Researchers and health officials believe that the virus originated in animals, although this has yet to be fully confirmed.

The disease has so far spread to the U.s, France, Japan, Taiwan, Nepal, Australia, Singapore, Thailand as well as Vietnam. Let's hope, this can be stopped in its tracks before there's an uncontrolled global disaster.