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6 Important Things School Never Taught Me

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Hey everyone and welcome to, today buzz advice, today we're gonna learn about  6 Important Things School Never Taught Me, now let's begin

Number 1: the penny experiment 

Have you ever tried to remember what a penny looks like, almost everyone would know right away it's a brown coin with Abraham Lincoln on it but what about the rest, do you know what the words say? do you know what building is on the back? this seems like something we should know right most of us have seen thousands of pennies before so why is it so difficult to remember these details?
A psychologist might tell you that you can't remember because you never actually knew, this experience is often called mindlessness it's when you do something without paying attention or storing any new memories just think back to the last time you brushed your teeth how much were you really paying attention you know what happened but your memory probably stops there you couldn't tell me how much time you spent on each tooth or how often you looked in the mirror the same thing happens to many students when they study after looking over your notes you might realize you can't remember anything the problem isn't your memory instead of encoding new information you were studying mindlessly you stopped focusing on the specific pieces and when that happens you don't actually learn anything, to make the most out of everything you do operate with intention try concentrating your mind on each individual thing it may take a little more time but you'll remember information when it counts.

Number 2: Weber's law

This basic principle of perception is rarely ever mentioned but you experience it almost every day, imagine you're in a department store when you see two items on sale one was originally five dollars but it's marked down to two dollars the other was originally $40 but it's marked down to $37 so which is the better deal, most people instinctively choose the first even though you're saving three dollars, either way, you think like this because it's harder to detect small changes in a more intense stimulus the pricier item is better at hiding the small discount it seems like you're saving less money simply because you're spending more, now think about the last time you were standing in a crowded room if you started whispering would the room be any louder, no, you'd have to yell to make a difference in the rooms overall volume but if only one other person was in the room they could easily hear you whisper in different contexts the same stimulus can completely change your perception of the world around you.

Number 3: mental rewiring

Learning affects more than just what you know or why you know it the way you learn actually changes the way you think, you develop different habits and cognitive models you use particular references because your memories are structured differently than everyone else's those unique thought patterns change the way your brain functions they activate new neurons they strengthen connections in certain places while leaving others unused schools tell you what you need to know but they forget to consider how that knowledge might change who you are.
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